Community & Youth Work

At Central Jamia Mosque Ghamkol Sharif, we are now prioritising this area of work throughout the charity, as well as delivering community and youth services as a stand alone service provision.

This is of paramount importance to the charity, in how we better engage with our local community, our beneficiaries and members of our congregation.  To help us, in the design, planning and delivery of these services.  The charity has already started this work and made excellent progress in widening our services, particularly through the investment in the infrastructure and facilities to be able to deliver appropriate services.

To ensure our services are innovative and sustainable, we do need your kind hearted support to do more and thus bring about tangible change to peoples lives.  If you share our vision and values, and want to offer members of the community, in particular young people better life chances help us to help them to become upstanding citizens in the catchment area, please donate whatever you can.

Community projects will include a place for our sisters to meet, to befriend, to learn from each other and be a support to each other, to have the means to develop services, to learn about Islam and citizenship, or improve their parenting skills and abilities, or learn new life skills, or help in developing a career, while their children play in the creche area.

Services will also focus on fathers, who need to better understand how to engage and build relationships with their teenage children, or for example learn the tell-tell signs of potential gang affiliation or drug addiction.

Young people’s projects will include a place to hang-out in the evening, to chill and socialise, while learning the adab (manners) in human and societal interaction, as well as encouragement to pursue excellence in professional and personal development.