the love of learning

The Ghamkol Sharif Madrasah caters for a spectrum of learning, pivoting around core Islamic subjects.  The learning needs of children and young people are different from those of their parents or grandparents.  We are looking to make a quantum leap, in how we meet these learning needs.

Our approach is to be creative and innovative; as well as pushing the boundaries of what a Madrasah should deliver and its place in our community, through a holistic thought-provoking and engaging curriculum and associated services.

The Ghamkol Sharif Madrasah is not a place where parents and family members leave their children to be educated; instead, it is a partnership of learning between parents, children, young people, and the Madrasah.

It is a place where children will be safe, will be allowed to be creative, to play and explore, to learn how to learn, while encouraging the desire and the love to want to learn.  To develop a growth mindset as opposed to a fixed mindset.

The Ghamkol Sharif Madrasah aims to inculcate ‘the love of learning’ by educating and preparing morally upright members of society.  Children who will be an example of what can be achieved:

  • in their professional or personal life
  • in their family life
  • intellectually and spiritually
  • as leaders in their communities

Ghamkol Sharif Madrasah

Central Jamia Masjid Ghamkol Sharif’s Education Centre (GSEC) is an initiative that has been set up by the charity’s trustees as an Educational Institute and community hub.

The Madrassah’s aims are to empower individuals to take ownership of their future and succeed in any of their chosen career pathways.